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Monday, February 18, 2008 Unveils Latest Citizen Journalism Contest

It's rare, but not unheard of, that I'll publish someone's Press Release. Every time I do, there's a reason for it.

I am a HUGE fan of and what they are trying to accomplish. I plan a major post at a later date about how vital Citizen Journalism is in America today, and is the only TRUE Citizen Journalism site on the internet in that it imposes NO EDITORIAL CONTROL over ther stories/videos/photos submitted to it (beyond fact checking and banning pornography) A Member uploads their story with video or photos, either in Real Time through a camera cell phone or later from their PC or laptop. The story is IMMEDIATELY posted: no editing, no "bury" button, no editorial bias, and no posting based on the amount of "friends" who vote for your story. It just posts for the world to see! I've posted News Stories on Neaju so I know of what I speak.

Neaju does a lot more: You should REALLY click on this "What is Neaju" link or where it says "What is Neaju" on the home page banner at Neaju IS the future of Citizen Journalism.

As part of it's efforts to educate the American public on what Citizen Journalism is and what a powerful force it can become, Neaju offers a series of Writing Contests on different topics. The topic this time is the Presidential Primaries to be held March 4th or earlier. Entries are judged and the Grand Prize in this contest is an Unlocked 16GB iPhone.

The contests are fine, but they're just one of the educational tools uses. Their mission first and foremost is to give ANYONE the ability to report a news story important to THEM: YOUR News; REPORTED by YOU; and DIRECTLY POSTED to for the whole world to see.

News is not opinion or commentary on Neaju: Neaju is NOT a blog. Your content also must be original. NEWS ranges from a story on your block about how the city won't fill a pothole, to community news, news on a subject you find of interest; news is covering a political rally and getting video of a candidate talking to a waitress. News is events or dangers at your child's school. YOUR NEWS is what's important to YOU, not a media company editor or executive. And Neaju posts YOUR NEWS just as you submit it: which is what makes the home of TRUE Citizen Journalism.

But enough from me on Citizen Journalism and now. I'll have A LOT more to say in light of some recent outragous abuses by the so-called "mainstream media". And because The Unloading Zone IS a Blog, I'll have PLENTY of opinions and commentary included.

And now, here's the latest from


Austin, TX, February 18, 2008 --(, a division of UGC Powered Media Inc. today unveiled its latest Citizen Journalism Writing Contest, this one focused on the Presidential Primaries occurring on or before March 4th 08. The Grand Prize is an Unlocked 16GB Apple iPhone. is soliciting articles from Citizen Journalists about presidential candidates, rallies, appearances, and any and all information associated with these Presidential Primaries – both Democrat and Republican.

“The Contest lasts only 17 days so your odds of winning are very good…if your submission is”, stated Larry Waters, SVP of Business Development. “Multiple submissions are encouraged so long as they are unique and all valid entries will be published on!” Contest Details and Entry Information can be found by clicking on the “Contests” link at the bottom of the Home Page.

“We encourage informative and engaging submissions,” Waters added, “the better written your article is, the higher your chance of winning, although stories accompanied with interesting pictures and video reports have just as much chance of winning.

And remember, blogging is very different from journalism, so try to steer clear of opinions and commentaries – journalism is about fact reporting.”.’s Citizen Journalism Writing Contests are just one of its tools to educate the American public on what True Citizen Journalism is all about. Neaju also does seminars for schools, communities, non-profit, and business organizations.

“For too long, the public was forced to focus on news which reflected the opinion, values, interests, and “judgments” of the Mainstream Media Editors and their Corporate Decision Makers.” said Vadim Gorelik, Founder and CEO of UGC Powered Media Inc. and

“Then along came the internet, but that soon became corrupted with editorial oversight and websites where the amount of “friends” you had on-line determined which stories saw, and more importantly, didn’t see the light of day.

“ is the first Citizen Journalism site on the Internet that will allow any user to submit a news story to a world-wide audience without the editorial oversight that is often used to inject bias and spin into news reporting,” stated Mr. Gorelik. “Our fundamental belief is that freedom of speech should be applied to journalism first and foremost, in a manner that allows reporters, be they citizens or professionals, to report on any subject in the way they see it unfolding . provides its users with ability to submit their stories from their computer, or in real-time from their wireless phones, with video or photos, using its Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) or email capabilities. Once registered on the site, each user is provided with a unique email address that they can then use to wirelessly submit their stories from any location in the world, thereby adding the real-time component.

Further extending the site’s feature set, editors monitor the incoming news reports from citizen journalists and news reports from thousands of traditional media outlets. If citizen journalists and traditional media are found to report on the same news event, has the ability to combine all citizen journalist and traditional media reports under a single News Story title with the sole purpose of providing a complete and accurate understanding of a news event.

Rounding out phase 1 of’s unique features is the ability for any member of the site to create a News Channel, based on any common theme – such as location, topic, cause or dedicated to a person. Upon creation of a Neaju News Channel, anyone has the ability to view the News Channel's content but the Channel Creator is the only one who has the ability to invite (or accept invitation requests) so that other citizen journalists can join the channel and expand its coverage.

“The News Channel concept is a powerful tool that we expect to utilize in a number of ways,” Mr. Waters added. “Obviously any Neaju user can create a News Channel on the topic that interests them. Whether it is a few friends that want to report on a particular band they like, or a group of students that want to report about events on campus or around town, the potential for these citizen journalism news channels is enormous.

But we’re also working with universities, organizations, and companies directly in creating their own News Channels, giving them not only direct access to their target audience, but to encourage active community involvement in their news and information gathering efforts.

About After years of design and development, is the first TRUE citizen journalism site that allows users to submit their news reports in real time or later from their PC or Laptop from anywhere in the world without editorial oversight.

About UGC Powered Media: UGC Powered Media is the parent company of Based in Austin, TX, UGC is dedicated to providing Netizens with the ability to create and distribute content to a world-wide audience.

Press and Investor Contact: Vadim Gorelik,

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