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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Representative Paxton, you're confusing me.....

Texas Legislative Representative Ken Paxton and I have gone back and forth on a number of issues. Mr. Paxton puts out a regular email newsletter called "Capitol Steps" which alternates between informative and upsetting. The latest issue was a combination of both. Below is the letter I sent to Rep. Paxton:

Dear Mr. Paxton,

Thank you for this issue of Capitol Steps. It is very helpful to have a copy of the ballot prior to entering the voting booth.

Thank you also for your recent letter to me addressing concerns I had concerning immigration issues and the tolling of SH 121. I also enjoyed and was gratified to read the recent Op Ed in the Dallas Morning News; It's time to meet the challenge, of which you were one of the authors. I fully support your position, especially on Section 287g.

I have posted our back and forth conversations on my blog, and appreciate your responses.

My latest point of confusion is the sample ballot you attached. Naturalized American citizens must be proficient in English in order to obtain citizenship and the right to vote. Why is the sample ballot in English and Spanish? Is the implication that non-citizens are going to be illegally voting? I do understand the courts have ruled that proof of citizenship can not be required at the polling place (why not, I can't begin to understand) but considering your recent stance on illegal immigration, I find it disappointing and confusing that you would print a bi-lingual ballot. If that's how they come from the state, you could have simply eliminated the Spanish. I guess I'm looking for some consistency on your position which seems to be against illegal immigration, but your inclusion of a Spanish ballot calls into question the depth of your conviction on this issue.

In the spirit of your Op Ed, I hope you will work to vigorously support state and local enforcement of Section 287g. I hope you will also take action to have Tom Vinger removed as DPS spokesman and instill an attitude change in DPS if Vinger's statement represents the policy and actions of DPS.

Since the Mexican government has been so outspoken in it's support of their citizens illegally entering the US and the local Mexican Consul has issued warnings to illegals to stay out of Irving (aiding and abetting), I would also suggest you investigate billing the Mexican Government for the cost to local and state governments of enforcing our border security and the implementation of Section 287g. If nothing else, it will make a very loud statement concerning the complicity of the Mexican government. And with the right judge (non-activist), it may be enforceable.

I appreciate your time and attention to this critical issue and thank you again for the English portion of the ballot.



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