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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Major Snus Price-Drop at!

To all you snus fans out there, I received an email from on August 1st that's really great news! New Bundles and Try Out kits but the bottom line is PRICE DROP! (at least through 2009).

I decided to test their new pricing. I had made an order up of a bunch of assorted cans of snus I would buy or like to try.

The total came to $55.24 including shipping or $3.68 per can.

I put in the same order today and it came out to $45.33 shipped or $3.02 per can! If you buy in full rolls, the discounts are even bigger!

And remember, if you haven't ordered from before and use the New Customer Discount Code LV2F8F at checkout, YOU SAVE AN ADDITIONAL 10%!

So join me in stocking up now! I thought the prices were good before but now they're just too cheap to ignore!

Mr. Unloadingzone
Swedish Snus Lover

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1 comment:

Allen D. said...

Thanks for the news. I know they advertise on your site but this is no BS.

I've purchased snus from before. They have the freshest snus out there.

I just got back from looking at the new prices and stuff. is the only place I buy snus from now.

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"