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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lily Allen entering the TARDIS

The Doctor Who production team are currently in talks with chav queen (whatever that is) Lily Allen to play his assistant. It seems a lot of mainstream British actors are getting in line to play the Doctor's disposable "assistants" Get ready for Series 4....or Series 31 or so, depending how you look at it, soon.

The original Doctor Who started as a children's series in 1964 on the BBC. Within a few years, it morphed itself into a campy adult sci fi series. It really took off when actor Tom Baker became Doctor #5 (this makes sense once you understand the storyline).

I started watching Doctor Who in the early 1980's when PBS started broadcasting them in the US. I actually have almost every episode ever broadcast tape which is probably too grainy to even watch.

The show got grittier over the years but finally petered out after somewhere around 26-30 seasons (hard to tell here; PBS stopped broadcasting while BBC still was).

The show was reborn a few years ago, even grittier than before, but still fun to watch. Gritty is perhaps not the right word as much as matured is. And so as to not confuse a generation or two who never saw the original series, the first of the new shows was marketed as "Series 1".

So far there have been 3 seasons of the new Doctor Who, which are both broadcast on BBC (which DirecTv thankfully carries) and on DVD for an outrageous price. This is a Doctor for the 21st century, even though he's not.(Read the plot-line: you'll understand). The campyness has been way turned down in favor of hard story lines.

On my blog under "Websites I Like and you Should Too" is a link to the original Doctor Who fan club website if you want some perspective and history. I don't have a link up to the new Doctor Who series because I'm lazy but you can find it at the BBC website.

It's a great series and you can quickly come up to speed on the concept and basis of Doctor Who.

If you're a sci fi fan, especially with a little tongue and cheek thrown in, then give this show a shot. It's a classic and revolutionary at the same time.

Here's the latest news from England on The Doctor from British Blogger Chris Garrett..........

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