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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dogs, Michael Vick, and the NAACP

Dogs hold a special place in the hearts and minds of Americans. See a story on the news about child molestation and you're sickened. But see a story about a dog being tortured or abused, and the public outrage borders on that of a lynch mob. Collections of money are taken up for the dog, events and fundraisers are held, hundreds if not thousands of offers to adopt the dog pour in.....and the person that tortured or abused the dog? His own mother would shoot him in the face with a 44 magnum and the crowd would cheer! Why is this the case?

Because dogs are the closest things to love incarnate on the planet. All they want is to love you and be loved by you. The also want table scraps and belly rubs, but that's besides the point. Dogs love you exactly as you are. They aren't judgemental. They know when you're upset and are ready with a big sloppy kiss. Dogs teach us about love and responsibility. Dogs also teach us how to cope with death. David Letterman once asked during his opening monologue how come we could put a man on the moon but we can't develop a dog who lives to be 75 years old. His audience gave him a standing ovation.

Dogs are your best friend, a warm body on a cold night, and a protector. Dogs save lives. Dogs risk their own lives for their owners all the time. They give comfort to people in hospitals and nursing homes. They help the blind live a mobile life. I think angels use dogs as corporeal vessels sometimes. Dog owners know what I mean: those times when your dog suddenly seems too smart? Too much more than a dog? And then the moment passes and they're a dog again. I think dogs are a gift from God and I thank him gratefully for them. My wife and I currently have four dogs; the last one a Jack Russell Terrier mix rescued from the pound. He had scars on his face, was VERY protective of my wife and terrified of me. We've had him a year now and he still gets nervous around me if my wife isn't home. Maybe he escaped from Michael Vick.

Michael Vick is a vile human being. He twisted God's four legged gifts of love into killing machines for his own amusement. And when he was done tormenting them into fighting to the death, Michael Vick would stand like a Roman Emperor and give the thumbs-down, condemning the surviving dog to death. And for what? Money? He makes more in a year than most of us will make in a lifetime. To relieve boredom? No, this was an elaborate dog fighting ring, not the dalliance of a bored man....and active pro football players seldom have much time to be bored anyway. No, Michael Vick did what he did because he's a sick, perverted, evil sociopath. If anyone ever deserved the death penalty for dog abuse, he does. But he's got a lot of money, a lot of lawyers, and despite the Nazi-like horror he perpetrated and despite America's hatred of dog abusers, he'll end up with a fine and an all-too-short prison sentence. He's already got a plea deal set up on minor interstate commerce violations.

And in walks the NAACP. The organization that purports to be the guardian of black civil rights. The organization that should be concerned about gang violence and poor education. The organization which should be out in front leading the opposition to illegal immigration which take away entry level jobs by reducing their pay to an unlivable level. The organization who should be leading the fight against bilingual education, which hurts blacks and whites alike. The organization which should be living it's mission statement instead of living off it.

Today, R.L. White, President of the NAACP's chapter in Atlanta felt motivated to make this statement: "As a society, we should aid in his (Vick's) rehabilitation and welcome a new Michael Vick back into the community without a permanent loss of his career in football. We further ask the NFL, Falcons and the sponsors not to permanently ban Mr. Vick from his ability to bring hours of enjoyment to fans all over this country."

IS THIS GUY NUTS??????!!!!!! Anyone who is still a "fan" of Michael Vick is as sick as he is. THIS MAN TORTURED AND KILLED DOGS FOR HIS OWN AMUSEMENT AND PROFIT! To say that he "made a mistake and should be allowed to learn from it" is outrageous! Michael Vick is a sick, perverse, twisted, psychopathic lunatic!!! I'm surprised White didn't ask for O.J. Simpson to admitted into the Football Hall of Fame while he was at it. Why does a person's celebrity status trump evil? If it was Joe the electrician instead of Michael the Superstar, White would probably be carrying the rope for the lynching. And the NAACP wonders why no one listens to it anymore. The SPONSORS should forgive Vick so he can bring "hours of enjoyment to fans all over this country"??????????? What sponsor in his right mind would want ANYTHING to DO with a SICKO like Michael Vick???? And what fan could possibly get any enjoyment out of watching Vick "perform"??

I'm sick of living in a society where "celebrities" can do no evil; where fame and money buy soulless lawyers make a mockery of our so-called legal system; I'm tired of judges blinded by fame and misguided idiots like R.L. White who trade away their organization's legitimacy for an autograph. And who suffers in this case? The 50 pit bull terriers seized from Vick's property in Virginia. Since they went unclaimed as of today, they are going to euthanized. Fifty dogs twisted into killing machines by the degenerate Michael Vick are going to die and the NAACP is concerned about Michael Vick's career. Those dogs were sweet puppies once. If anyone should be euthanized, it should be Michael Vick. And if anyone should be lobotomized, its R.L. White. God help us all: this is what America has become.

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Anonymous said...

They should take Vick, the NAACP and a bunch of crazy pitbulls and lock them in a room for an hour or two....

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"