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Monday, July 16, 2007

Wake Up, Smokers: Here Comes the Tax Man Again!

This is a copy of a letter I sent to my Texas "representatives" in Washington concerning the 156% INCREASE in the CIGARETTE TAX coming up for a vote this week. How much more are we smokers supposed to take? As I've said before, if smoking is such a health hazard: MAKE IT ILLEGAL TO SMOKE! Otherwise, stop spending so much on pork and wasteful programs and lower ALL of our taxes!

July 16, 2007

Dear Representative Johnson and Senator Hutchison,

I have been closely following the proposed increase in the federal
cigarette tax to fund SCHIP. I understand that this tax will be considered
this week in the Senate.

As a Texan, you know the State cigarette tax increased $1.00 PER PACK on
January 1st. And now the Federal Government wants a bigger piece of the
action by raising the tax ANOTHER $.61! And of course, it's for "the
children". When is someone going to stand up for the rights of a
persecuted minority: cigarette smokers. Either make cigarettes illegal
or stop making smokers carry the weight of CHIPS and other "compassionate"
programs. Raise the tax on beer $1.50 a can and there would be a
revolution. Smokers are tired of taxation without representation too.
This "Tyranny of the Majority" against smokers must end.

Instead of raising taxes, I'd like to see fiscal restraint and tax cuts.
Maybe you could sell those thousands of trailers you bought for Katrina
refugees which are still sitting unused and fund your programs with that.
Please vote against the federal cigarette tax hike when it finally comes
up for a vote.

I will be watching your vote VERY carefully to determine whether you
support increasing taxes on consumers while Congress continues to spend
our money on ever-expanding government.


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