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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Texans: When you can't qualify for Health Insurance coverage where do you turn?

What's it like to live in Texas without Medical Insurance? If you are or have children, Texas does have many programs as does the Federal government to take care of you.
However, if you are age 50+ without children or without children living at home and are diabetic, have cancer or other serious health problems, you are in big trouble. You will find it practically impossible to get private insurance and the Texas alternative costs double what a private policy would cost with less coverage.

Your ongoing medication costs alone could bankrupt you. So what do most people end up having to do? Stop or cut back on vital medications to "stretch" them out. Stop visiting their doctor. Stop having necessary tests done to monitor your conditions, your medication dosages, and your health in general.
Well Care? Forget it. Not affordable without insurance.

The result is premature death and 6 figure hospital stays once your condition has progressed so far it just can't be ignored any longer.

There is a Bill pending in the Texas Legislature which would lower premiums and increase availability to the age 50+ citizens of Texas. We in Texas are good at taking care of our children and even those children illegally in the United States with a wealth of tax-payer funded programs.

What Texas is NOT good at as a whole and especially in certain counties like Collin County, is taking care of our older citizens in need.
The below is a Legislative Alert from the AARP. Frankly, I've never published one before and am not a fan of special interest groups in general. Everyone has a cause and they just seem to end up costing Texans more and more money.

This situation is SO absolutely and stunningly desperate for far too many Texans that I am not only publishing this, but I have also called the Governor's office and Lt. Governor's office to make my support for this bill known. I would ask those of you in Texas to join me.

The following is a Legislative alert from the AARP.

When you can't qualify for Health Insurance coverage where do you turn?

Many older Texans' who have serious health problems, like heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer, often cannot get health insurance. These Texans have no choice but to enter the Texas Health Insurance Risk Pool. It's the last resort for health insurance coverage.

Currently, 70% of the Risk Pool program enrollees are ages 50-64 and they are often forced to pay premiums twice as high as the rest of the market.

Senate Bill 879 would reduce premiums for many older Americans in the Health Insurance Risk Pool. Call the Lt. Governor NOW and urge him to bring Senate Bill 879 to the floor for a vote!

To be connected directly to the Lt. Governor's office call:1-888-633-3650 (toll-free)Texans deserve affordable health insurance, Call NOW!



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