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Monday, November 17, 2008

Pay Wilma, Please! [and the rest of us!]

I posted this because it's cleverly written, funny, poignant; makes you both laugh and get angry at the same time because it happens to me all the time and I'll bet most of you too.

Unlike Wilma, I am completely unable to write about it without the angry part showing too much. She makes the point VERY clear while at the same time doesn't send your blood pressure through the roof. My hat's off to you, Wilma!

So I'm posting Wilma's story because I'll bet the vast majority of those reading this have experienced it first hand.....depending on your profession, maybe even constantly.

Page one is the lighter, funny set-up.
After you've read it, hit the My Story button at the top menu bar. That's the page that too many of us experience and I could never write as calmly yet razor sharp to those it's directed at as Wilma did.

And the last paragraph shows real character and spirit. Especially in today's economic meltdown, good for you, Wilma!

Mr. Unloadingzone
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Anonymous said...

Wilma is direct about it. At least she isn't from the government, robbing you at a point of a gun.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Exactly...OR expecting the Government to bail her out like the Auto Industry (good for the Senate for killing THAT bill).

That's why I posted her site: too many people expect free help from those who can't afford to give it or do it for a living.

I hope a lot of them read what Wilma had to say.


Mr. Unloadingzone

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Mrs. Unloadingzone
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