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Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Warned You: Hillary Clinton will not fade quietly away..

I wrote an article in June called At Last, a Reason to Vote for President in November. Neither McCain or Obama impressed me at that point but then a nightmare scenario appeared.

I wrote about it and you laughed at me. Let's just hope Hillary doesn't get the last laugh....

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Hi Def Porn said...

I'd rather her not be Secretary of State.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

I'd rather she stay home and bake cookies.


Mr. Unloadingzone

Aaron said...

Haha! Even my sister, [who's a liberal democrat who's done fundraising work for well-known people] doesn't like poor old Hillary! My mom [typically votes democrat] referred to Hillary as a "fishwife" LOL.

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"