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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Frisco Family Services Needs you Help in it's Start School Supplies Drive

As I say in the description of The Unloading Zone above, I use this particular blog to write about things that interest me or that I'm passionate about. I'm going to ask my non-Frisco, Texas area readers to indulge me with this post.

I'm a resident of Frisco, TX and while I have never actually written a post like this before, I feel compelled to in this case. Especially to my large non-USA readership, I appreciate your understanding.

Texas is not big on State-sponsored social safety nets. Frankly, neither am I, since especially Federal government, but even to the State level, government safety nets are too prone to fraud, excessive administrative costs, and the money is often wastefully spent instead of going to those in need. The Founders felt that way too: that it was the responsibility of neighbors, religious, and non-profits to help those in need.

And the American people donate more money to charity than any other country in the world. It's part of who we are.

America is in recession and American families and individuals are, in many cases, the "collateral damage". I want to address just one very small, very local to me safety net and their current need.

Frisco Family Services (FFSC) is a non-profit organization that helps families in need in Frisco. In fact, it's really the only Frisco-dedicated organization of its kind. They offer food, financial assistance and other types of help. My wife and I have been donors and supporters of theirs for years and they really are good people. There is no abuse of funds here: they are a true lifeline.

FFSC is not a part of the City of Frisco government, although Frisco does give them some grant money. They raise most of their funds through an outlet store which sells donated items on Main Street. Their budget is only $3.5MM per year.

In speaking with their Director recently at a Chamber of Commerce event, she expressed that, in the current economy, requests for assistance have risen dramatically from demographics they've never seen before: Real Estate Agents, Construction Company Executives and Managers, and a whole host of people downsized over the last year. They are receiving more requests for aid than ever.

The Frisco Enterprise ran an article yesterday (no on-line link, unfortunately.) announcing that FFSC is starting it's School Supplies Drive. It's to benefit families who do not have the means to provide their children with the necessary supplies, clothing and shoes to start the new school year. You'd be amazed at the enormous cost of just the "required school supplies"!

They will host a Back-To-School Fair where pre-qualified children will receive a new clothing outfit and shoes, a backpack filled with school supplies, and hygiene items. During the distribution, children will be able to receive free haircuts and hygiene care. Several organizations will be on site to provide services such as immunizations, Medicaid, dental screenings, sports physicals, and more.

Obviously, they need people who are able to donate items to outfit these children like notebooks, pens, backpacks, etc. I'm not going to list everything here.

But if, by the grace of God, you are in a position to help FFSC and these Frisco children out with even a few items, they really are a worthy organization and could use your help.

Despite Frisco's reputation, especially in Austin, that we're a "rich community", a lot of your neighbors are hurting because of the recession but keep up a brave front because they're embarrassed or ashamed (they shouldn't be: bad things happen to good people sometimes).

This is a chance to help them out and let them keep their dignity at the same time. Please be a good neighbor and if you're able, donate to whatever extent you're comfortable.

For more information, contact Myrna Martinez of FFSC at 972-335-9495 or email her at

Thank you,

Mr. Unloadingzone

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Source: Some of the information in this article is taken from the Frisco Enterprise article. They should be applauded for writing it and had there been a link to the article on their web site, I would have directed readers to it. Their web site is Add to Digg DiggIt! Reddit Reddit Stumbleupon Stumble This Google Bookmarks Add to Google Bookmarks Yahoo My Web Add to Yahoo MyWeb Technorati Add to Technorati Faves Slashdot Slashdot it


Chryste said...

I am ready to help you for school supplies drive.

Mr. UnloadingZone said...

Thank you so much Chryste! The site is fantastic and will help everyone's dollars go further!

As to specifics, you can either email me your contact info ( contact Myrna at Frisco Family Services directly. Her phone and email is listed at the end of this article.

Thank you again!

Michael said...

Kudo's to you and the Frisco Frisco Enterprise for spreading the word. I've forwarded your post to all my friends and neighbors.

This Saturday after checking Chryste's coupon website, we're going shopping for the Drive.

People without children in Frisco's school system have no idea what it costs to outfit a child for school. We have 3 so believe me, I know.

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"