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Friday, June 27, 2008

TxDOT pulls a fast one: The NEW NAFTA Superhighway is BACK!

It is very rare that I will Blog an article from the Dallas Morning News, but I am SO angry that maybe it's better I let Michael Lindenberger of the DMN explain this one. Click read more at the bottom of my comments to be taken to his article.

Why am I so upset? Because last week the TTC Commissioner, after being lambasted by the Sunset Advisory Commission, announced the end of the NAFTA Superhighway, as then proposed. They would use "existing resources". Now we find out what that statement really means.

Today TxDOT announced a HUGE new version, and awarded more no-bid, multi-billion dollar contract to foreign companies, complete with TEN NEW TOLL ROADS! The Texas Transportation Commission & TxDOT are out of control! This has to STOP!

On that subject, Linderberger's article ended "When they (the Legislature) return in January, they're expected to weigh whether to rescind TxDOT's authority to enter into the private toll contracts at all. TxDOT officials said they hope to compromise with lawmakers."

It's time for the Texas Legislature to stop "talking" and "negotiating" and "compromising" with the TTC and TxDot and slam the hammer down hard:

RESCIND the TTC's authority to enter into these sweetheart deals and keep the checkbook where it belongs: in the Legislature.

Egos swollen beyond belief, TTC and TxDot; because they have the Governor's blessing, are walking all over the Legislature, secure in their believe that Rick Perry will protect them.

It's time to for the Legislature to cut the TTC and TxDot off at the knees. It's also time to make sure the gas tax money goes into Fund 6 where it's supposed to go: for road improvements, and STOPS getting raided to support schools or any other purpose BUT roads.

And it looks like it's time we put a new Governor in a REASONABLY sized and priced home in Austin.

Perry's remark about paying "whatever it takes" to restore the burned down Governor's Mansion is irresponsible, insulting, and arrogant, especially since HIS security people BUNGLED the guarding of an empty house to the extent that someone with a bottle full of gasoline was able to mosey on up to the front door, burn the house down, and mosey away.

And HOW much a month are we paying for your temporary home, Governor? Was it $10,000 a month or even more?

There was a local Governor who lived in a Triple-Wide manufactured home in the back yard while his Governor's Mansion was being renovated. Ever consider that option?

Are you SO OUT OF TOUCH with the people of Texas; so UNAWARE of the financial hardships EVERYONE is going through right now?

Do you even KNOW that gas is over $4 a gallon heading for $5??? Add that to your constant vomiting out new toll roads and the AVERAGE Texan can't afford to commute!

A recent article I commented on stated that the gulf between POOR and RICH Texans is widening; poor being defined as $16K/year; rich as $124K/year.

Governor Perry; even the TEXAS RICH are having to cut back thanks to the economy, oil prices,the worthless dollar, a spend-crazy Federal Government, AND YOUR POLICIES and INITIATIVES!

So we cut back on other things; restaurants close and stores close; other businesses either close, stop hiring or lay off staff. NEW businesses STOP relocating to Texas (thanks for the new Franchise THAT made sense!).

You want to talk business and relocation friendly? Take a snapshot of Texas 8 years ago and compare it to today. There's a BIG difference, and not in a good way. Thanks a lot.

I hope that in January, when the Texas Legislature returns, they're not in a "compromising" mood.

They know the pain average Texans are in: I hope they're fighting mad and REALLY ready to make the HARD DECISIONS and CHANGES Texas needs on a whole host of issues. They will certainly have the people's support.

As to you Governor, we'll make OUR changes at the polls. And very likely starting with you.

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Anonymous said...

This is BS! You can't even get out of your driveway anymore without hitting a toll road...because the GAS TAX money is being RAIDED for schools and everything else!

Anonymous said...

What happened, Ron Paul? Too busy looking for earmarks that you let Txdot make you look like an idiot?

Your Texas Straight Talk article on I-69 was just a load of crap Txdot fed you. Dig a little deeper next time, how bout it?

Anonymous said...

I like how Perry says we'll spend "whatever it takes" to rebuild the burned down Governors Mansion after HIS incompetent security people let some kid with a Molitov cocktail burn it down and now wants 10 more toll roads!

Governor, don't you know the economy and the people of Texas are hurting????? Don't you even care?????

Or is it "let them eat cake"?

Stop spending my money on stupid things! And stop user-feeing me to death! Buy your own damn house. We don't owe you one just because you somehow won the election.

Where's Kaye Bailey Hutchinson???????

Anonymous said...

This is crazy. It's time to start looking for a transfer out of Texas.

Anonymous said...

Texas sucks.

Mrs. Unloadingzone

Mrs. Unloadingzone
"The Girl of my Dreams"