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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mayoral Candidate Maher Maso: Why all the Endorsements?

Maher Maso is called the candidate for Frisco Mayor with Substance and Integrity: by the media, by organizations, former Mayors and colleagues who have endorsed him.

His opponent, Matt Lafata, is characterized as Style, yet shallow. Why is that?

One just has look at Maso's accomplishments in the 7 years he was a City Council Member and Mayor Pro Tem compared to his opponent, Matt Lafata, to clearly see the answer.

Lafata was on the City Council for 6 years and initiated not ONE new project.

Lafata Never testified for the City at the county, regional or state level, and his lack of knowledge of government affairs was embarrassing evident during the Mayoral debates.

No, Lafata spends his time at the City Council Meetings working on his blog and newsletter. That's right, working on his blog and newsletter. Fellow Councilman Jim Joyner, who sits next to Lafata, publicly confirmed this at the last Candidates Forum and it's been an open, and frankly, shameful secret at City Hall for years.

When all the Council Members have computers built into their desks, why is Lafata always seen banging away on his personal laptop; using the City Library's free wireless internet connection, for hour after hour, meeting after meeting. The meetings are televised...the tale is in the tape.

This story is a two part look at Maher Maso, former Councilman, former Mayor Pro Tem, and now candidate for Mayor. Substance. Integrity. Honesty.

The few paragraphs on Matt Lafata above pretty much sum up his qualifications. And that's not enough for even one article.

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