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Monday, April 21, 2008

Mayor Candidate Maher Maso garners another Endorsement

Frisco TX City Council Member David Prince emailed his supports this afternoon to ensure they knew he was endorsing Mayor Maso for Mayor.

Maso has been endorsed by all Frisco City Council Members except one, choosing to remain neutral, and of course his opponent, the controversial Councilman Matt Lafata.

Maso was also endorsed by the Former Mayors of Frisco and the Collin County Association of Realtors recently.

As the election approaches, both mainstream media and voter interest is picking up. Early voting starts next week and the election will be held May 10th.

A beleaguered Lafata, the subject of a City Ethics Complaint by former Council Woman Tracie Reveal Shipman, appears to have supporters making a last ditch effort by placing "Lafata for Mayor" signs everywhere...allegedly without the property owner's permission in many the cases.

So as we get down to the wire, it's Maso, the hands-on Former Mayor Pro Tem and City Councilman (who was subject to term-limits) and the Marketing Manager and City Councilman Matt Lafata, who, in a recent debate against Maso, said he sees the Mayor's role more as a "CEO/Visionary" position.

This is in stark contrast to outgoing Mayor Simpson as well as Maso, who rolled up their sleeves and rolled across the County and to Austin on behalf of Frisco.

One of Lafata's "visions" is an increase in the City Sales Tax, something Maso, as former Chair of Budget & Audit Committee for City Council – 2003-2007, and Frisco Tax Increment Finance District Board member 2000-2007, says is ill-informed and unnecessary.

Tonight will be the final Candidate Forum before the election. It should prove to be interesting.

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