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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Code of Ethics Violation Complaint Filed Against Frisco City Council Member/Mayor Candidate Matt Lafata

Mayoral Candidate and Frisco City Council Member Matt Lafata is now the subject of a Frisco Code of Ethics Violation Complaint. The complaint was filed last night to Nan Parker, Frisco City Secretary and is now a matter of public record. That's my neck of the woods, and from what I hear, this is only the beginning. Neaju already broke the story that Lafata hasn't paid his Homeowners Association dues in like 6 years, that he went bankrupt in 2005 claiming $30K/year in income: and then bought a $500,000 house two years later, that he publicly stated "I've never been sued" and there on Neaju are the Court records of a former employer (who "disappeared" from his resume) sued him for over $8K for Breach of Contract. There's certainly nothing in the Dallas Morning News like this! Their big article on Frisco yesterday (2 articles) was that some teacher took a student for a tattoo. Now that news will change the world, won't it? Go! I'm going to check if Lafata is pro-illegal immigration. If he is, I'm going to start writing about this!

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