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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Illegal Immigration: Stand Up & Be Heard, Dallas and Tarrant Counties!


This is to let you know that the State Senators, Representatives for Tarrant and Dallas counties, and first time candidates for state office from Tarrant county have been notified of their opportunity to fill out our Inquiry form via their state maintained email and website email. I have received several automated replies back. Our Inquiry Form consists of 36 ideas that were introduced in the Texas Sate legislature in 2007. We are asking the Representatives,Senators and the as yet unelected to reveal their level of support for each idea. Sort of an immigration reform Rorschach test.

However, State Representatives and Senators routinely DO NOT pay much attention to, or reply to, communications that originate outside their district boundaries. This is OK, constituent service should be uppermost in their minds. And the first time candidates probably need a nudge in that direction. Therefore it is up to you to ask them, as a constituent, to fill out the form. So, if you are concerned about illegal migration, and want to do something lasting and substantial about it, begin by clicking on your District and Senate District numbers to get the info you need. Then contacting your Representative and Senator.

Besides person to person, there are four ways to reach them; Telephone, Fax, Email, and US Post. The info to do this can be found in the webpage for their District in the website that has been set up. Here's the LINK >> It would probably help your understanding if you read the Introduction page at the website first.

I have identified the Senators and Representatives who were authors , or co-authors of legislation we like in 2007. This will be under "Past Actions" in the right hand column along with their name, web link and contact info. You may want to mention that and thank them for their past support.

Thanks, Joel Downs, CFIRFW
I have included a generic letter template that you can edit and paste into the message box of their email, print out and fax to them, etc. See Below
To: The Honorable (name)
From: (your name)
Subject: Request that you fill out an Inquiry form about illegal migration.

The Citizens For Immigration Reform are endeavoring to determine the illegal immigration stance of all Texas candidates for state congressional office before the primaries on March 4, 2008. To this end, they have created an Inquiry form. The responses to it will be posted on a website they have set up. This will allow the activists who are concerned about unlawful migration to know the candidate's stance on the issue and make the decision to vote for, campaign for, contribute to etc., accordingly.

Here's a LINK to the website>>

At the bottom of the Introduction page is a link (#Downloadable Files) that will take you to their Inquiry form and Cover letter. The Inquiry form contains illegal migration control ideas that were introduced in the 80th legislature in 2007.

If you will take some time to print out the Cover letter and Inquiry form (they are in Adobe.PDF format), fill it out, put your signature on the bottom of each page and mail it back to them along with a telephone number where they can confirm your responses, they will post it on the website described above. It will be in the form of a table. If you click on the (District 0, Example) link at the bottom of the website page, you can look at an example they have created. As you can see, a link to your website will be posted if applicable. NOTE: It will probably be easier to understand the example if you look at the inquiry form first.

Since they have been introduced before, these ideas have the advantage of predetermination as to what constitutional wording needs to be changed in order for them to have the desired effect. Also, they can be looked at for reference and context.

CFIR began this effort by thinking they would generate their own list of ideas and advocate for passage in 2009, then they realized that we were doing their cause a disservice in not taking advantage of the wisdom and experience that was already present in the state legislature. So, they found 48 bills from the 80th legislature that affected illegal aliens and distilled them down to 36 ideas.

If you have any questions, please call me at (your number)

Thanks, (your name)

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